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Greece, home to almost 11 million people which is located in Southeastern Europe. Known for its beauty, history, thousands of islands, and is often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization. For years tourists have been flocking to Greece for many reasons. The capital of Athens has a wide range of fantastic hotels. Many tourists these days book an Airbnb in Athens instead. Athens Airbnb’s give tourists options to stay in all different types of accommodation from small apartments to luxurious penthouses.

"ZAKYNTHOS Summer Base Boogie 2013"

Although tourists mostly fly to Greece to enjoy its beautiful sandy beaches, take in the history and fine weather. More recently, tourists from all around the world have been seeking something a bit more extreme, base jumping!

What Is BASE Jumping?

BASE jumping is an adventure sports activity that has become extremely popular throughout the entire planet. Thrill-seekers have been searching the planet to find the best spots to BASE jump and Greece has been on the top of many people’s list. BASE jumping is when a person jumps off a fixed place and a parachute is required to help them slow down. Although many people don’t know this, ‘’BASE’’ is an acronym for different types of fixed areas that people jump from. It stands for buildings, antennas, spans, and the earth. The extreme sport isn’t for the faint-hearted. Like any extreme sport, it has its dangers. Due to the speed and heights involved, the sport has seen many injuries, including some fatal ones.

Why Is Navagio Beach Unique?

Navagio beach, also known as shipwreck beach. During the early 1980s, a smuggler ship washed up onshore. The ship was abandoned after the smugglers got the boat stuck in the sand, and were unable to move. The ship’s remains are located in the center of the beach which gives the beach a unique feel. Although it is not the biggest beach, it boasts incredible white sand and amazing blue water. The most incredible thing about the beach is the massive limestone cliffs.

Why Is BASE Jumping So Good At Navagio Beach?

The incredible views and limestone cliffs make it an ideal area for BASE jumpers. Each year thousands of BASE jumping enthusiasts have been flocking to the island. There are BASE jumping training courses available in the area, however, don’t expect the courses to be cheap.

The point that people jump off is located at the edge of one of the limestone cliffs and the height is about 200 meters. You freefall for approximately 4 seconds before deploying your parachute. When the jump is over you land on the white sandy beach. Nothing compares to free falling into paradise!

Why Is Zakynthos Island So Popular? 

Zakynthos island is a stunning island in the Ionian Sea. Its crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, and lush nature have been a popular spot for tourists all over the planet. Due to its incredible beauty, it has been christened the ‘’Flower of the East’’. It is also a unique location because the endangered Caretta sea turtles nest here. The island attracts lots of different types of tourism each year. Some go visit the island for its nature, others to take advantage of the white sandy beaches and the incredible emerald waters, and others come here for the water sport activities. There are very few locations in the world that compete with Navagio Beach for BASE jumping. To take part in this heart-racing sport in one of Europe’s finest beaches is an experience like no other!

When Is The Best Time To Go?

You must be warned that BASE jumping is only possible if the weather conditions suit. If there are strong winds it will be too dangerous to jump. Check the weather forecast before you consider going BASE jumping. The most popular time of the year is from May to September. Be warned that if you are traveling on a tight budget that the accommodation, tours, and restaurants on Zakynthos Island can be expensive.

What Other Things Can I Do On Zakynthos Island?

It is possible to rent out a bicycle on the island. If you are an experienced cyclist you may enjoy cycling around the island, however, understand that the mountainous island will prove to be difficult for inexperienced cyclists. For a more extreme mode of transport, you can also rent a quad bike.

The Ionian Sea is home to some of the most endangered turtles on the planet. You can bring your own, or rent snorkeling gear on the island to observe these incredible creatures.