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If you thought All-Terrain Vehicles are just for adults that love off-roading, then think again. These days, your kid can choose amazing off-road vehicles and join you on exciting weekend adventure trips. We are here to help you get your little champ their own taste of adventure by getting a kid’s ATV. Here are 5 awesome kid’s ATVs that will let your kid safely have their own fun while exploring trails with you.

"ATV in Houston Valley ORV Area"

Razor Dirt Quad: If your kid is eight or more years old and weighs less than 120lbs, then be prepared for them to zap past their friends on the Dirt Quad. It is designed to conquer high bumps of off-road terrain and can reach speeds of up to 8 mph. Instead of a button, like on some other kids’ models, this one gives you a twist-grip-twist-throttle control that enables you to control the speed with just one hand.

Now, if you find a big ditch in front of you that you think you can’t overcome, there is a hand-operated rear disc brake that will immediately stop the Dirt Quad. As for the motor, we are looking at a high-torque, gear-reduction, chain-driven engine with a 24V battery, which comprises two 12-volt rechargeable batteries that come with its own charger as well. You can expect this dirt quad to go for around forty minutes of non-stop riding with a single charge at normal speeds.

Renegade Electric Quad Bike: The renegade is probably one of the most powerful electric Quad bikes on the market and is suitable for anyone under 150lbs. It comes with a 36-volt 1000-watt brush motor that will enable you to reach speeds of up to 12.5 mph. Also, the speed is adjustable, thanks to its three-speed gearbox with chain transmission. The low gear will allow your kid to meet speeds of upto 4.5 miles per hour, medium reaches a speed of 8 mph, and the high will take the renegade up to a maximum of 12.5 miles per hour. The renegade is fully rechargeable and goes straight for 45 to 60 minutes with a single charge. 

EGL Maddix 50CC: The Maddix 50 is one of those models that people buy the most despite its relatively large price tag. The main reason for this demand is because the Maddix 50CC is a road legal quad bike suitable for kids of ages 12 and up. It comes with a 48CC, four-stroke 3.5hp motor with three gears plus reverse and semi-automatic. If you’re thinking about the clutch, you should know that the EGL Maddix doesn’t come with one.

There are two front disc brakes and a rear disc brake, all of which are hydraulic. This bike has an electric start and a 5-liter gas tank that helps the engine reach dizzying speeds of 28mph. The Maddix 50 also has full LED headlights, tail cum brake lights, LCD instrument cluster and much more.

FunBike XTRAX:  “This isn’t a quad bike that you need to be gentle with.”, says the website of FunBikes. The 125CC 4 stroke engine makes this childrens’ quad an absolute beast on the road. You can get an XTRAX fully assembled, or you can opt in to assemble it yourself if you’re confident in your mechanical skills.

With its rear hydraulic disc brakes, front twin drum brakes, plus the twin shock suspension in the front and mono-shock suspension in the rear, this thing can take quite the beating. It is powered by a massive 2L petrol engine with an electric start, and thanks to the powder-coated steel frame, a FunBike XTRAX can withstand weights of up to 210lbs. Now that’s power.