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Fishing kayaking is one of the most thrilling and adventurous activities that you can enjoy. It not only allows you to connect with nature but also provides you with the opportunity to catch some fish.

However, fishing kayaking can also be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Falling off your kayak while fishing can be a daunting experience, and it’s something that you should always try to avoid. To help you out, we’ve compiled 11 tips to help you avoid falling off your fishing kayak.

How to Avoid Falling Off Your Fishing Kayak

1. Wear a Life Jacket

True – wearing a life jacket won’t help you avoid falling off your fishing kayak…

But it will save your life in case you do fall overboard.

It will keep you afloat if you fall in the water and will make it easier for you to swim back to your kayak. That’s why you should make sure you wear a properly fitting life jacket every time you go kayaking.

2. Learn to Swim

Before you go fishing kayaking, it’s essential to learn how to swim.

Like wearing a PFD, knowing how to swim will not help you avoid falling off your kayak…

But it will help you get back to your kayak if you do fall off. Take swimming lessons if you don’t know how to swim or brush up on your skills if you haven’t been swimming in a while.

3. Check the Weather Forecast

Before you head out for fishing kayaking, always check the weather forecast.

You don’t want to be caught off guard by a sudden storm or high winds. If the weather forecast predicts inclement weather, it’s best to postpone your fishing kayaking trip for another day.

4. Choose Calm Waters

When you’re fishing kayaking, it’s best to stick to calm waters without a lot of waves or strong currents, even if you have a very stable fishing kayak.

This will make it easier to maintain your balance and stability while fishing. Avoid kayaking in areas with high boat traffic or large waves, as they can cause your kayak to tip over.

5. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Dress appropriately for the weather and water conditions. Wear clothing that is quick-drying, comfortable, and provides protection from the sun.

If you’re kayaking in cold weather, wear layers of clothing to keep warm. Avoid wearing loose clothing that can get caught in the kayak’s moving parts.

6. Choose the Right Kayak

This tip is especially important for big guys. Look for kayaks that are designed for larger individuals and have a weight capacity that can support your weight.

A wider kayak with a flatter bottom will provide more stability and be less likely to tip over. A sit-on-top kayak can also be a good option for big guys, as they provide more space and comfort. You can learn more about fishing kayaks for big guys here.

7. Keep Your Fishing Gear Organized

It’s essential to keep your fishing gear organized on your kayak. This will help prevent it from getting tangled or caught on something, causing you to fall off your kayak.

Make sure your fishing rod is securely fastened to your kayak, and your tackle box is easily accessible.

8. Use a Kayak Anchor

A kayak anchor is a useful tool for fishing kayaking. It will keep your kayak stationary while you fish, preventing it from drifting away or tipping over.

Make sure you know how to use an anchor properly before heading out for fishing kayaking.

9. Know Your Limits

It’s essential to know your limits when fishing kayaking. If you’re a beginner, start with short fishing trips and gradually increase the length and difficulty of your trips.

Don’t attempt to fish in areas with high boat traffic or strong currents until you’ve gained enough experience and confidence.

10. Stay Alert

Finally, always stay alert when you’re fishing kayaking. Keep an eye out for other boats, kayakers, or obstacles in the water that can cause you to fall off your kayak.

Avoid distractions like your phone or music and focus on your surroundings.

11. Keep Your Center of Gravity Low

When you’re fishing kayaking, keep your weight centered and your center of gravity low. This will help you maintain your balance and stability while fishing.

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and avoid sudden movements or jerky motions that can cause your kayak to tip over.

How to Avoid Falling Overboard – Conclusion

To avoid falling off your fishing kayak, follow the 11 tips below and remember to take it slow!

We hope this article was useful, and most of all…

Have fun!