Wingsuit Flying in Aérodrome de Spa La Sauvenière, Brussels, Brussels Capital Region Belgium

Airport opening months:
March to November
Altitudes: Lowest / Usual / Highest:
1200 m (3937 ft) / 3962 m (12999 ft) / 4572 m (15000 ft)
Minimum parachite opening / Ground:
800 m (2625 ft) / 480 m (1575 ft)
Wind Speed / clouds :
light < 16 knots/30 kph / sometimes cloudy
Hook Turns:
Brussels (officially as Brussels Capital Region or Brussels Region) is the capital city of Belgium and the de facto capital of European Union. Brussels is the biggest urban area in the entire Belgium and comprises 19 municipalities, counting the City of Brussels which is the de jure capital of Belgium, additionally to the seat of the Flemish community and the French community of Belgium. The City of Brussels is located in valley of the Sean River, a small branch of the Schelde.

Air sports are very popular in Belgium and in Brussels in specific, skydivers are all over the place! One very popular variation of skydiving is wing-suit flying and the best place to perform this exhilarating activity is at Aérodrome de Spa La Sauvenière. Aérodrome de Spa La Sauvenière is a very easy to find airfield with many years of use and over 28.000 flights in its background.

The first flight was done in the 1960’s. It is a really good infrastructure, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The airfield is owned by an association and the atmosphere that you will meet is friendly, relaxed and normal. When you arrive at the airport, your instructor will provide you with the necessary equipment that consists of a helmet, glasses, wingsuits, radio and altimeter.

Canopies available are for beginners and for experienced wing-suit athletes while the rent is arranged per jump. When you finish your mandatory training, you will get on the aircraft which will be either a Cessna Grand Caravan with 18 people capacity or a Cessna Caravan with 14 people capacity. Both need 22 minutes to bring you at 4000 m / 13123 ft above the ground and closer to the dream.

After reaching the desired altitude, you will jump off the plane and enjoy the free-fall of your life. The wings on the wing-suit will slow down the pace of free-fall so this amazing experience will last even more. Absolutely free from any bonding, you will feel like flying. The forest looks amazing from that height and the cities really tiny.

But like every good thing, it soon comes to an end. You will land safely on the landing field where hook turns are allowed. The landing area is covered with grass and has the size of several stadiums. On the spot, you will find lodging, video room, camping ground, junk food, bar, restaurants, WiFi, shops and a huge parking area of 900 m² / 9687 ft². This unforgettable experience can be combined with a wonderful weekend vacation.