Skate Boarding in Skate Bowl in Park Spoor Noord, Antwerp, Flanders Belgium

Terrain length:
1000 m²/10764 ft²
Full pipe, pool with coping, spine, slanted wall, a 6 feet (1.8 meters) roll-in
concrete, outdoor
Entrance fee:
Antwerp is the northernmost province of both Belgium and the Flemish Region (Flanders). Clockwise from the north, it borders with North Brabant province of the Netherlands and also the Belgian provinces of Limburg, Flemish Brabant and East Flanders. Capital city is Antwerp which comprises the port of Antwerp. Antwerp is known for its chemical, diamond, paper, metallurgy, glass, dynamite, textile and tobacco industries.

In Antwerp, one big sport attraction is a magnificent skate bowl in the Park Spoor Noord. In November 2007, this amazing park has opened its gates for the public. It was officially the first bit off and it was immediately put into use.

Meanwhile, the bowl which was designed and built by the U. S. Team Pain has become very popular and skateboarders from all directions come to show off their skills. The skate bowl is about 1000 m² / 10764 ft² and offers the first full pipe in the Benelux.

It is a kind of concrete tunnel where only daredevils can ride. Team Pain worked on the structure for four months and is fully implemented in seamless concrete. Furthermore, the skate bowl consists of spine, a pool with coping, a roll-in of approximately 6 ft / 1.8 m high, a slanted wall and even more.

The jewel of the skate bowl remains the full pipe though and that only can be a reason enough to go there as a skateboarder or even as a spectator. Don’t miss it!!!