BMX in Gent Skatepark (Kaizerpark), Ghent, Flanders Belgium

Type of the park:
Quarters, banks, flat bar, ledges, funbox
Freestyle,jumps, tricks
Bbq's, trees, green
Ghent is situated in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is a city and a municipality and is the capital and the largest city of the province of East Flanders. The start of the city was as a settlement of the confluence of the rivers Lys and Scheldt and during the Middle Ages, it became one of the richest and largest cities of northern Europe. Nowadays, it is a busy city with a university and a port.

Gent is a very vigorous city where various athletes find a safe refugee in order to practice their sports. Especially BMX Freestylers seem to prefer not only the city of Gent but also a simple concrete skate-park, the Gent Skatepark. The specific skate-park is situated in a park, called Keizerpark, so sometimes it is called as Keizerpark itself.

The trees and the green scenery come to equalize the concrete skate-park, bringing the whole aggregation to a harmony. The lovely skate-park consists of a funbox, ledges, banks, flat bar and quarters. The park’s minimalism assist the BMX Freestylers in developing their techniques as there are not too many barriers in the way.

So freestyle, jumps and a bunch of other tricks are at their disposal, just by entering the park. When you exit the park, you will find yourself to a picnic paradise with many bbq’s facilities, spread around and a vast supermarket area nearby to purchase supplies.

Don’t bother to bring your own vehicle if you have any, as the skatepark is near the two main Gent train stations. Gent skate-park is the perfect meeting place for all BMX Freestylers and an ideal weekend destination.