Skydiving in Vliegveld Moorsele, Ghent, Flanders Belgium

Jumping height:
4000 m (13000 ft)
Free fall duration:
45 sec
Height to open parachute:
1500 – 1000 m (4921 - 3280 ft)
Ghent is situated in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is a city and a municipality and is the capital and the largest city of the province of East Flanders. The start of the city was as a settlement of the confluence of the rivers Lys and Scheldt and during the Middle Ages, it became one of the richest and largest cities of northern Europe. Nowadays, it is a busy city with a university and a port.

Ghent is a gorgeous city, full of majestic Middle Age buildings. The city’s architecture is indescribable and the best way to admire the beauty of Ghent is from above. The sport to support this is skydiving and the best place to skydive is in Moorsele. Vliegvelt Moorsele is a lovely airfield with a big number of jumps to demonstrate.

The best way to get familiar with this sport, if you are not already, is to contact a local skydiving school where you will have your first tandem jump with a qualified instructor who will accompany you at your first attempt of flying. There are many different possibilities to enjoy skydiving and you have the opportunity to choose the ideal operator,  according to your level of experience and readiness of course.

Once you take the decision and after you arrive at Vliegvelt Moorsele, you will receive a mandatory short briefing and then you will put on your equipment with the help of your instructor of course. Then follows the endless flight where you are eagerly waiting to fly like an eagle to the velvet blue sky, feeling the air covering your body while you make your 45 seconds free fall from a 4000 m /13000 ft altitude.

When free-falling, you will reach crazy velocities while facing mother earth coming closer every second. At about 1500 – 1000 m / 4921 – 3280 ft above the ground, your tandem master will trigger the gigantic canopy and land both of you safely at the landing point. There are no hazards mentioned regarding the landing zone. Have a nice flight and enjoy the jump of a lifetime.