Wingsuit Flying in Oberhausen, Ruhr Area, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Vertical fall speed:
less than 50 kph/31 mph
Oberhausen is situated on the river Emscher in the Ruhr area, Germany. The city is nestled between Duisburg and Essen. It is famous for the biggest mall in Europe, Centro.

If you find yourself in Oberhausen, don’t miss the opportunity to try one of the air sports, being the most popular practiced in the area. One of them which is unique in its kind is wing-suit flying. Wing-suit flying is basically another sub type of skydiving.

The difference is that you will wear a wing-suit, it is the same for skydivers and base jumpers. The particularity of the gear lies on the fact that cloth-fabric between arms and legs reduces the vertical fall at a speed of less than 50 kph/31 mph, so your fall is being converted into a higher horizontal speed fall. Consequently, the free fall lasts longer and gives you the chance to say I’m flying!

These wing suits are stitched by professional manufacturers so don’t try to make one by yourself, it is extremely dangerous. Applicable air regulations are followed during wing-suit flying performance. You shouldn’t be over 100 kg and 115kg in total, before taking-off.

It is the same procedure as skydiving so you will fly for about one hour, one hour and a half and then you will jump off the aircraft. Catch your breath while this breathtaking fall and enjoy the flight of your life! Book your flight now and live an unforgettable experience.