Skate Boarding in King Albert Park (Kortrijk Skatepark), Bruges, Flanders Belgium

Full pipe, cradle,fun lines,quarter pipe,spine,vertical ramp, bowl, snake run
8000 ft²/743.22 m²
Bruges is situated in the northwestern Belgium. It is the largest city and the capital of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish region. Bruges along with some others canal based northern cities like Amsterdam, sometimes is referred as The Venice of the North. Thanks to its port, Bruges has a significant economic importance. It was once used to be the world’s chief commercial city.

In the city of Kortiijk, near Bruges and at the King Albert Park, there is an awesome skatepark, the King Albert Park – skate bowl or Kortijk Skatepark. That skatepark is a heaven on earth for every skateboarder who respects himself and the sport.

This 8000 ft² / 743.22 m² bowl arena was built by Team Pain, after consultation with an American skate-park specialist. The structure is all concrete made and boasts a bowl with a shallow end of 6 ft / 1.8 m long and a deep end of 10 ft / 3.2 m, a cradle, tons of fast speed lines, very smooth transitions, roll ins, spine and twinkies.

Apart from these elements, the spot also hosts some other amazing features like a full pipe, a quarter pipe, a vertical ramp and a snake run. This quickly upcoming skate-park is designed for skaters and bikers and promises a lot of skating fun. If you find yourself in the area or even live there, you should definitely pay a visit to the park. It’s really worth the trouble!