Wingsuit Flying in Skydive Spain, Seville, Andalusia Spain

Max Feet:
15000 ft/4572 m
3x Dornier G92
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Freefall time:
1 minute
Skydive Spain is a dropzone close to Seville in Southern Spain. Within just 50 minutes by car outside of Seville, there is the ideal spot for wing-flying.

Sky flying (also known as wing-suit flying) is the sport of flying the human body through the air using a special suit, called wing-suit.

This suit equips a person with a type of wings, giving a significant increase in lift. Reports have been made in the past of bird-men, gliding for miles. After your flight, you can open  your parachute and land as usual.

At the landing zone there are qualified wing-suit instructors to guide you through. You will learn how to hook up your wing-suit and wings, theory of the weather conditions, and learn flight techniques.

On the spot there are many services: large packing area, qualified on-site Rigger(BPA and FAA certified), debriefing rooms with camera docks, resting area etc. Expect good weather conditions all year long. Take a break from Seville’s busy life with Skydive Spain into the magnificent world of free-fall.