Wingsuit Flying in Ruppiner Land Airport, Berlin, Brandenburg Germany

Jump height:
4000 m/13123 ft
Free fall speed:
60 kph/37 mph
Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states in Germany. It is the largest city and second most popular in Germany and ninth most popular in the European Union. It is situated on the River Spree in northeastern Germany and is the center of the Berlin – Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. Berlin is a world city of politics, media, culture, science and of course sports!

In Ruppiner Land airport, at 69 km/42 mi in the northwest of Berlin, you will experience the most thrilling moment of your life! Ruppiner Land is a skydiving heaven for any aspiring skydiver, who wants to conquer the sky! Just before the big leap, you will get a short briefing of about 30 minutes and off you go!

However, for many people flying is a completely new territory, especially because it is not so “traditional” as skydiving. If you want a pure adventure and fly like a bird in a wing suit, you should definitely try wing suit flying. You will fly with an aircraft at a height of 4000 m (13123 ft) and then you will jump to the vacuum!

The free fall speed is normally about 50 m (164 ft)/sec or 180 – 200 kph (111 – 124 mph). Due to the large wings of the overalls, the free fall speed can be reduced down to about 60 kph (37 mph) and therefore the free fall time is almost tripled! You can also fly a longer distance while wearing a wing suit. It is a one of kind experience that you should unquestionably live! Book your flight now!