Canopying in Aventure Parc of Wavre, Brussels, Brussels Capital Region Belgium

Level of difficulty / Challenges:
Very hard / 35
Height limitation:
1.8 m (5.1 ft) armes raised
Maximum height:
10 m (33 ft)
Average 80 m (262 ft)
60 min
Brussels (officially as Brussels Capital Region or Brussels Region) is the capital city of Belgium and the de facto capital of European Union. Brussels is the biggest urban area in the entire Belgium and comprises 19 municipalities, counting the City of Brussels which is the de jure capital of Belgium, additionally to the seat of the Flemish community and the French community of Belgium. The City of Brussels is located in valley of the Sean River, a small branch of the Schelde.

If you are an adventure fan, then visit Aventure Parc in Wavre and you will have a blast! It is a theme park different from others in Belgium. The amusement park usually offers activities where you are the emotion viewer. An adventure park where you will play an active role. You are viewing the trees at your own pace and decide if you want to discover a new path, face a new challenge or just relax on the terrace. One of the many offered adventures is canopying.

There are many paths and many levels of difficulty. It is up to you to decide if you want to take it easy or push yourself into the limit. The most difficult path is the black course. The black course has 3 sub-routes one more difficult than the other. The sum of the challenges at these paths reaches 35!

You will climb up to 10 meters / 33 feet high and have an amazing zip of 80 m /262 ft long.  All the courses are higher than the others, more difficult but still fun! The first two courses aim at getting you higher and higher and include cycling, surf, giant swing bridge and a giant zip of 120 m /394 ft long.

The third black course is also called the commando course and you must be in excellent physical condition to accomplish. Besides all the features the previous routes have to offer, it also hosts a ring cross, tuggle drop, stirrups etc. It is essential that the black course is being done after the red one in order for you to weight up the difficulty.

All these courses last for about an hour, a long difficult endless hour but with pure adventure fun. Bear in mind that you should be at least 1.8 m /5.1 ft high, arms raised. The Aventure Parc is here waiting for you to discover it!!!