Wingsuit Flying in Lillo, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha Spain

Max Feet:
12500 ft/3810 m
1 Pilatus Turbo Porter A-34 B2H4, 1 Cessna Caravan 208B
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Lillo is located in the south of Madrid at the province of Toledo. This small farming town lies near La Guardia, Tembleque and Almaguer. Apart from its agriculture character, Lillo is well known for its skydiving center: Skydive Lillo.

Sky flying (also known as wing-suit flying) is the sport of flying the human body through the air using a special suit, called wing-suit. This suit equips a person with a type of wings, giving a significant increase in lift. Reports have been made in the past of birdmen, gliding for miles. After your flight you can open  your parachute and land as usual. Contact the aeroclub for more information about bird-man courses.

At the landing zone you will find help for everything concerning your equipment like assembling, packing, maintenance and checking. There are also many services including team rooms, video recording, hire shop, and resting areas.