Wingsuit Flying in Ocana, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha Spain

Max Feet:
13000 ft/3962 m
2 Pilatus Porter (PC-6 B2 H4)
USPA Membership Required:
AAD Required:
Ocana is a town in the province of Toledo, located on the north side of the plain Mesa de Ocana. It lies in between Aranjuez and Villatobas cities. The town is surrounded by the ruined walls and remains of the destroyed castle.

Sky flying (also known as wing-suit flying) is the sport of flying the human body through the air using a special suit, called wing-suit.

This suit equips a person with a type of wings, giving a significant increase in lift. Reports have been made in the past of birdmen, gliding for miles. After your flight you can open  your parachute and land as usual.

At the landing zone, there are qualified wing-suit instructors to guide you through. You will learn how to hook up your wing-suit and wings, theory of the weather conditions, and learn flight techniques. There is also a series of courses you can attend to.

Minimum of 200 free-fall skydives made within the past 18 months or total of 500 dives are required for sky-flying.