Motocross in A Place to Ride MX, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia USA

800 to 850 ft / 244 to 259 m
Park Consistency:
Peewee track, 1 mi / 1.6 km long track
Dust, trees, small jumps, large jumps, berms
Opening schedule:
Athens – Clarke County is a county in Georgia, USA. It is a consolidated city that lies in the northeastern part of the state, including the previous City of Athens proper, being the county seat and Clarke County. Athens - Clarke County is the sixth largest city in Georgia and the principal city of the Athens – Clarke County at the Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Monroe is a small city, located near Athens, Georgia. Monroe became very popular, since an awesome, urban, man made, off – road park was created, A Place to Ride MX. This motocross park lies at an elevation of 800 to 850 ft/244 to 259 m and consists of a peewee track along with a 1 mi/1.6 km long track.

This track is all about jumping. Dust is little and trees are some, but you will come across many small jumps, some large jumps and a lot of berms. The area is perfectly suitable for amateurs, but novices and experts will have a blast too. A few hazards exist on the tracks, but they are marked. Drive with caution though.

The park has opening schedule, so it is recommended that you call before you haul. Bear in mind that there is a fee per rider. Parking, camping and entering is free. The facility there offers motocross lessons, so if you have no idea how to ride this huge dirt bike, there is a qualified instructor to guide you through.

It is suggested that you stay the entire day and have fun in the dirt!