Rafting in Chattahoochee River, Clayton, Georgia USA

Level of experience:
Class 2-3, some sections all levels
Most challenging part:
Three Ledges
2.5 - 3 hrs
Clayton is a city that belongs in Rabun County, Georgia, USA. It is located at the southern base of the 3640 ft/1109 m of Black Rock Mountain. At the east of the city lies the 3000 ft/914 m Screamer Mountain, while other Blue Ridge Mountain peaks surround the city. Clayton is a small city and the county seat of the Rabun County. Besides these, Clayton is known for its upcoming sporting activity.

One sport that is very popular near Clayton is White Water Rafting on Chattahoochee River. This sport is extremely popular, especially in cities where wild rivers are close, such as Clayton. At this trip, your adventure can start at the Duncan Bridge Outpost and then you are shuttled up the river to Hwy 115 Bridge.

This section is the whitewater section of the Chattahoochee river. Over the past years thousands of white water paddlers made their start at this section.  When you get there, you will meet a small drop below the bridge and then a long pool. After that you are in position to come across a long straight and you can see the tip of an island. From there paddle to the left towards the island and then run to the left.

It is a class 2-3 rapid depending on the water levels. After you complete a series of class 1 rapids, you will come upon a big granite outcropping on the right, which means you are approaching the Three Ledges. Three Ledges is considered to be the most challenging part of this adventure.

The particular rapid begins on river left for first ledge, after the drop work to the right side for the second ledge and then you head to the left of the center for the third ledge and make sure you go off the 2 feet/0.6 meters drop straight and paddling. Then a series of class 1 rapids continue until another granite outcrop right at the beginning of a long straight.

At the end is Horseshoe Rapid, a 2-3 class that starts on the left of the river and is run like a horseshoe. You start and continue left, making a sweeping right turn to a pool at the bottom. The specific part is suitable for all level rafters. The entire section ends at Duncan Bridge Outpost and needs 2.5 – 3 hours to finish.