Motocross in Town Creek OHV Trail System, Athens, Georgia USA

Area size:
5 mi² / 12.9 km²
550 - 700 ft / 167.5 – 213.3 m
Narrow turns, tree roots and tight and deep water filled ruts
Single tracks:
Operation schedule / fee:
January to October / Per rider
Athens – Clarke County is a consolidated city and county in Georgia, USA. The city lies in the northeastern part of the state, comprising the previous City of Athens proper, which is the county seat and Clarke County. Athens - Clarke County is the sixth largest city in Georgia and the principal city of the Athens – Clarke County at the Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

One of the things Athens – Clarke County is known for is for its off road sports. Especially motocross is a very popular sport and the best place in the County to practice it, is the Town Creek OHV Trail System. The system consists of a couple of one way loops with 15 mi/24 km of trail in total.

The first loop, Trail Loop A, is suitable only for motorcycles, including some challenging sections as narrow turns, tree roots and tight and deep water filled ruts. A long wooden bridge goes across a swamp and makes the ride pretty fun. The second loop, Loop B, is for ATV, containing some tree roots. You will come across a couple of separate staging areas, which give direct access to the trails.

The tracks are found in the forest, so shade is plenty. The area lies at an elevation of 550 to 700 ft/167.5 – 213.3 m and consists of marked, not rated, heavily maintained trails. Hazards are few and assumed marked, but still ride with caution. Due to the condition of the trails and their consistence, amateurs are more pleased by these trails, while novices are less and experts more.

The area is inside a National Forest, so entry, parking and camping are free and you only have to pay per rider. The trails are opened from January to October. Bear in mind that there are some limitations, such as noise limit, at 96 db, while an OHV Trail Permit is required in order to ride your motocross. It is suggested to spend the entire day at the area with your friends or alone and enjoy the fast, but secure riding.