Motocross in Whissenhunt OHV Trail System, Atlanta, Georgia USA

Trails length:
11 mi / 17.7 km
Area size:
1 mi² / 2.6 km²
1400 - 2000 ft / 427 – 610 m
Mostly amateurs
Opening time / Fee:
April - December / per rider
Atlanta is the most populous city of Georgia, the capital of the county and the county seat of Fulton County. The city is an economical and cultural center of Atlanta Metropolitan Area and the ninth largest metropolitan area in the US. Atlanta is ideally located among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains at an elevation of 1050 ft / 320 m above sea level. Although it is part of Fulton County, a small part extends into DeKalb County.

Georgia has a huge reputation concerning off road activity. Atlanta, as the capital city of the state follows this reputation and has itself many places, where dirt and off road enthusiasts will have a blast. One of the off road sports that are very popular onsite is motocross and the best place to ride as fast as you can is Whissenhunt OHV Trail System.

This system has 11 mi/17.7 km of pure motocross fun, well marked trails surrounded by mountain views and scenic forest. During dry weather, the trails can get pretty dusty. The only vehicles allowed to ride these awesome trails are motocross bikes.

All the action takes place at 1 mi²/2.6 km² of forest trails at an elevation of 1400 to 2000 ft/427 – 610 m. Hazards are few and they are supposed to be marked, but still drive with caution. The area is suitable mostly for amateurs, but some novices or experts are welcome too, in order to  learn how to ride their favorite bike or improve their skills.

The area is a National Forest, so there is no entrance, parking or camping fee, but there is a fee per rider. The trails are opened from April to December. Take under consideration that there is a noise limit and that an OHV Trail Permit is necessary, in order to ride your motocross. We suggest that you will enjoy these tracks with friends on a full day excursion or alone riding like the wind.