Motocross in West Bali, Bali, Bali Indonesia

2 Days 1 Night
Bali is a province in Indonesia with a few neighboring islands including the Isle of Bali. The island of Bali lies at about 8 degrees/ 0.13 radians on the south of equator and at 3.2 km/1.9 mi from Java. It is surrounded by coral reefs with white sand beaches on the south and black sand beaches on the north and the west of the island.

For the adrenalin junkies, there is no better way to quench your thirst for excitement than taking on the West Bali  Dirt Bike Enduro. This tour takes you through unbeaten forest trail and discover Bali’s natural wonders. Riders are treated to a explicit scenic beauty, easy to challenging tracks and the warm welcome of the locals. Trails are just spectacular , consisting of unspoilt Bali jungle, plush rainforest trails and creeks crossing.

This amazing adventure takes 2 days and 1 night to cover, meaning that when you make a booking, the fee includes accommodation as well. Do not miss this unique adventure to stretch your skills to the limit as you maneouvre first class dirt bike track through the only remaining block of rain forest in all of Asia while discovering diverse tropical species and plantations.