Motocross in Big Nasty ATV Park, Savannah, Georgia USA

Trails length / Terrain size:
Over 20 mi / 32.1 km - 2 mi² / 5.18 km²
General features:
peewee track, mud dogs and a 1 mi / 1.6 km of natural motocross tracks, Hard pack, dust, water crossings, intersections and a lot of mud
Motocross tracks number / length:
2 / about 1 mi / 1.6 km
Motocross track features:
1 mi / 1.6 km beast with 80 ft / 24.3 m finish line jump, huge bowl turns, tabletops and doubles
Levels of experience:
Mostly amateur, novices, little expert
Savannah is the county seat of Chatham County and the oldest city in Georgia, USA. The city was established in 1733 and at the same year it became the colonial capital of the Georgia Province and later the first capital of Georgia. Today, Savannah is a strategic port city, industrial center and a very important Atlantic seaport. The Hostess City of the South, as Savannah is known between locals, is the fifth largest city in Georgia and is situated on the Savannah River, from whom it was named after, at about 20 mi / 32 km upriver from the Atlantic Ocean.

Savannah and the entire Georgia in general, are very popular to a specific kind of sporting, off-road. The Big Nasty ATV Park came in March 2010 to fulfill dirt enthusiast’s dreams. This public area offers over 20 mi/32.1 km of trails, a peewee track, mud dogs and a 1 mi/1.6 km of natural motocross tracks. These trails can get slick and muddy on rainy days.

The terrain is approximately 2 mi²/5.18 km² of pure swamp in an elevation of 20 to 40 ft/6 – 12 m. The trails are marked, but not rated or maintained. The characteristics of the terrain make this spot so unique and popular among motocross riders. Hard pack, dust, water crossings, intersections and a lot of mud are some of the features you will come across.

Don’t forget that Mother Nature is unpredictable, so you will never know what will appear in front of you out of nowhere. At the site there are a lot of trees, so if you decide to ride your motocross on a hot summer day, there is a lot of shade that will cool you somehow. You may stumble upon a few hazards, but they are all marked, except the unpredictable. Due to the features of the park, the tracks are more suitable for amateur riders, some novices and a little experts.

The motocross tracks are two. The first track is a small bike trail, suitable for beginners. The other track, the main one, is a 1 mi/1.6 km beast with 80 ft/24.3 m finish line jump, huge bowl turns, tabletops and doubles. The area is fun and fast! Bear in mind that there is an opening schedule. The park is opened in weekends from 9.30 am to 6 pm.

There is no parking or entrance fee, there is a fee per rider and a fee if you wish to camp. At the point you will come upon a flat and a large staging area, where the parking is ample. You have permission to camp and RV hookups and primitive sites are available.

Other amenities of the facility are showers, restrooms, a swimming pond with a hanging rope swing and a concession stand. If you get lucky, you might fall upon one of the music concerts that are held throughout the year. The area is amazing and highly recommended to spend at least a full day there. Pick up your friends or even alone and ride as fast as you can during a perfect weekend.