Paintball in Pavo, Waycross, Ware County, Georgia USA

Terrain type:
Terrain size:
70+ ac / 0.28+ km²
Air shapes,barrels,wooden paths and structures,tires,concrete hideoute,castle etc.
Waycross is the only incorporated city and county seat in Ware County, Georgia, USA. It is the principal city of the Waycross area, a cosmopolitan area which covers Ware and Pierce County. A small section of Waycross is inside Pierce County. There are many leisure opportunities around the city and especially possibilities for extreme sports performances.

One of the most popular sports near Waycross in Pavo, is paintball. The arena is huge and amazing. Paintball is an adrenaline game, full of excitements where team building is essential. The most popular game among paintball players is capturing the flag where the primary purpose is to capture the flag of the enemy in order to win. In Pavo, all paintball types are available and the terrain is perfectly suitable for any demanding player.

Paintball will take place in an area of 70+ ac / 0.28+ km² of hard terrain and structures are made for defensive playing. Some of the available services are X-ball, Woods Ball, six awesome fields, rentals, high pressure air and CO2 and also the facility is specialized in groups and events such as birthday parties.

The six fields are the air ball course where you will come across obstacles, full of air in many shapes (x-es, triangles etc.), Tire ball course where all the obstacles are made of tires, Wood’s ball course which is separated in Karma’s sanctuary with barrels and more as obstacles, Jack’s Emporium with tires, walls , barrels and more, B’s Hell in the forest with obstacles of tires, wooden structures barrels and more.

At wood’s ball course, you will also come across cross-roads with barrels and wooden paths, the castle with a castle where you can hide and catch tour enemies out of nowhere, Woo Tang’s hideout which is a hideout made of cement, woods into the forest and last but not least, the ”Cemetery” where you will be hiding behind graves. The field is amazing and is waiting for you and your friends to visit it.