Motocross in Bremen Race Park, LaGrange, Georgia USA

Urban, manmade
1250 - 1300 ft / 381 - 396 m
mixed sawdust
Opening schedule:
Per rider, RV's
LaGrange belongs to Troup County. The city is named after the country estate near Paris of the Marquis de La Fayette. LaGrange was the county seat of Troup County since 1828 and hosts LaGrange College. With West Point Lake situated a few miles to the west, the mild climate and the big sporting activity, LaGrange becomes a famous tourist destination.

LaGrange lies near Bremen, where one of the most amazing off road parks is being placed. Bremen Race Park is an urban, man-made motocross track that sits at an elevation of 1250 to 1300 ft/381 to 396 m.  The specific park has a motocross track and a separate peewee track. The soil of the track has a lot of mixed sawdust.

The motocross track hosts many motocross races in times. Practice on the track is being held every Tuesday through Sunday and it is prepped during the weekends. The park is popular, so you might come across some rider traffic. There are a few hazards, but they are marked.  It is suggested to call before you haul to make sure the park is opened.

There is a fee per rider and if you want to camp, there is a fee for your RV. Camping in other ways, as well as parking and entrance are free. Night riding is allowed at the facility, so you can enjoy your favorite sport in the night, under the bright lights.

The track is mostly suitable for amateurs, some novices and little experts. The facility owns some unique amenities, such as a cafe, restrooms and free Wi Fi. It is recommended to spend at least a full day to truly enjoy the ride!