Motocross in Live Oak Motorpark, Swainsboro, Georgia USA

Trail's length:
20 mi / 32.1 km
100 - 150 ft / 30.4 - 46 m
Main track length:
1 mi / 1.6 km
Per rider
One way only trails, a peewee track and mud pits
Swainsboro is a city situated in Emanuel County, Georgia, USA. The city is the county seat of this county. Swainsboro is nestled between the cities of Macon, Augusta and Savannah, in the heart of one of the fastest growing regions in the southeastern US. The town’s history is rich and thriving along with arts and contemporary culture. It is a great place to visit or live in for one more reason. Besides all these, it is an area, where many sports are taking place.

Daisy is a beautiful city near Swainsboro and it is popular for the big off road activity and especially motocross. The best place in Daisy to practice motocross is Live Oak Motorpark. It is a public facility opened on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and weekends from 9 am till dark.

The area offers approximately 20 mi/32.1 km of marked, not rated and heavily maintained trails. The trail system is urban and man-made and lies at an elevation of 100 to 150 ft/30.4 to 46 m. The main track is about 1 mi/1.6 km and is groomed on Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday and during holidays.

The trails are one way only and you will also come across a peewee track and mud pits. It is a popular park, so you might find traffic. Pay extra attention to the intersections and some more hazards, despite the fact that they are marked. The area is mostly suitable for amateurs, but novices and experts can still enjoy a nice ride.

Bear in mind that there is a fee per rider. There is no entrance, parking or camping fee though. In order to drive on these trails, it is essential to call before you haul and have a membership, which has a fee per person. It is recommended to spend the entire day, discovering speed and fun with your dirt bike.