Motocross in Arizona Cycle Park, Phoenix, Arizona USA

Urban, man-made
Little hard pack, some sand, little mud and little dusk
850 to 900 ft / 259 to 274 m
Enjoy a couple of days in Phoenix and you will never regret it! It is the largest city and the capital of the state of Arizona. It is also the most populous state capital in the United States.

In the extremely beautiful city of Phoenix lies a highly sought after Motocross track. If you want to push yourself in an extreme situation, this track is the best option. Arizona Cycle Park hosts some vital racing events and offers many amenities to all motocross enthusiasts.

The motocross track offers four tracks that can fulfill the needs of dirt bikers and novices of supercross. Enjoy yourself in this urban, man-made track that sits at an elevation of 850 to 900 ft / 259 to 274 m. The trails of the track are marked, not rated and very well maintained.

Consisted of mostly loose dirt, little hard pack, some sand, little mud and little dust, Arizona Cycle Park attracts a vast number of motocross lovers. The track is all covered by berms and enables you to perform many large jumps. The spot offers a big parking area, where the overnight parking is permitted.

In addition, be aware that camping is prohibited. Don’t forget that helmets are paramount! Arizona Cycle Park is addressed mostly to amateur riders, some novices and little experts. Last but not least, when you visit the spot you are kindly requested to bring your motocross insurance.

Arizona Cycle Park invites all those seeking the best way to reach the adrenaline at the highest level!!!