Motocross in Highland Park Resort, Summerville, Chattooga County, Georgia USA

Trails length:
80 mi / 129 km
950 to 1200 ft / 290 to 366 m
One way single tracks:
40 mi / 64.3 km
Water crossings, small jumps, large jumps and berms
Fee / Opening time:
Per rider, camping / Yes
Summerville belongs in Chattooga County, of which it is the county seat, in Georgia, USA. The County is situated northwest of the country with the city of Summerville being located almost in the middle. It is a small city, but with huge off road activity.

Near Summerville lies Cedartown, where a brand new off-road park, the Highland Park Resort, challenges you to try your best on your motocross bike. The 80 mi/129 km trails are all marked, rated and heavily maintained, while the entire park rests at an elevation of 950 to 1200 ft/290 to 366 m.

One terrific asset is the 40 mi/64.3 km one way, single track trails along with a peewee track and a natural terrain motocross track. All these trails are well maintained and the rates vary on a 1–5 diamond scale of difficulty, where 5 is the most difficult. When you reach the track, you will come across some water crossings that contain bridges.

Trees are many, as it is in a forest, so there will be a lot of shade. Due to the existence of many small jumps, large jumps and berms, you will have the opportunity to perform many tricks and jumps, while driving as fast as you can! There are a few hazards that are assumed to be marked, but still ride with caution.

The trails are more suitable for amateurs, while novices and experts can both have a nice day in some easy and technical parts respectively. Bear in mind that the park has an opening schedule, daily from 9 am to 5.30 pm and on winter 9 am to 5 pm. There is a noise limit of 96 dB. Camping is allowed only in the developed sides of the park and you will have to pay a fee in order to camp.

There is also a fee per rider, but there is no entrance or parking fee. On weekends, rates are different though. It is suggested to combine this route with a weekend stay over with your friends and spend some awesome, driving, quality time.