Rock Climbing in Spitzkoppe, Erongo District, Namibia

Best Period:
June to August
Grade of ascenting routes:
Spitzkoppe is a group of rocky peaks, located in Erogo District, Western Namibia, at 276 km/172 mi from the capital Whindhoek. The rocky formations are located in the Namib Desert, considered to be as the oldest and most spectacular ones worldwide.

The Spitzkoppe bornhardt date several millions years back and its many layers can testify this past. Surrounded by desert plains, the impressive rock island lies in the Namib Desert during some millions of years and it is a top rock climbing destination. The geological character of the formations is the granite. The volcano origin of the rocks makes the rock particular solid, rugged and coarse.

The climbing area is on the east side of the main formation. This rocky complex formation offers various routes for climbing with an intermediate level of difficulty. The many cavities carved by the years and the extremely high temperatures of the desert facilitate the climbing. Designated camping sites for 8 persons max. seduces any visitor’s senses. Noone will be let down by Spitzkoppe setting, beginner or skilled climber. This adventure will be unforgettable!!!!