Rock Climbing in HTL Steig-Bromberg, Hohe Wand, Lower Austria Austria

Climbing height/time:
210-300 m/688-984 ft/2-3 hrs
Time of ascent/descent:
15 min/45 min
Initial height:
670 m/2198 ft
Level of difficulty:
Wiener Neustadt is a town which is situated in the south of Vienna, within the state of Lower Austria in the northeastern Austria. The city is self-governed and is the seat of the district administration in Wiener Neustadt Land. Wiener Neustadt and its surroundings are famous due to their sporting activity.

Hohe Wand is located at about 19 km/11 mi in the east of Wiener Neustadt and at 70 km/43 mi, about an hour drive, in the south of Vienna. It is a recreational park where many sporting activities take place on the spot. One of them which is very popular is rock climbing. In Hohe Wand, rock climbing is being performed in Bromberg at the Gutensteiner Alps. There are many trails for rock climbing in various difficulty ranges. One of them is HTL Steig.

The HTL Steig is made for extreme climbing so only experienced climbers should try this trail. It is the most difficult climbing trail in the Viennese area in combination with the blood trail, being named after the first ascent. The first part is a ramp of class B that it is going straight to the key point. The first structure is very steep, sometimes overhanging and exposed (class E) and is very power consuming.

It is followed by a steep channel – like intersection (class D), a wall stage (class C) and a smooth plate – like ramp (class D). An exposed traverse to the right (C/D) leads to a steep pillar (class C) which leads straight up and is becoming steeper (class D) to a wooded heel. The second part begins with a short walking terrain that takes you to a short often humid recovery (class C) through which you can reach another section.

Then after you pass a boom (class C) you get to the walking terrain again. The trail then is steep (class C) at the beginning and then flat up (class A/B). Once again, it becomes short steep (C/D) and light (A/B) around a rock to the end of part two. The third part starts right at the walking area (it goes straight to the blood trail and to Völlerin and ÖTK).

First it is light (class A) then heavier (B/C) crossing to the right. On an exposed crossing beautiful panel (C/D) and an airy traverse (class D), you can reach the next steep step (class D). A traverse (C/D) to the left leads to steep closing panel (class D) and through this the exit.

It is a very exposed trail, so you will need to pay extra attention. It is highly recommended that you use double steel cable and isolated foot bolts. You should also need complete climbing equipment, climbing gloves, climbing shoes and possibly safety rope.