Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Sesriem, Hardap Region, Namibia

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Sesriem settlement is situated in the heart of the Namib Desert and at 304 km/189 mi from the Namibian capital city, Windhoek. Sesriem is the access point for the marvelous Naukluft National Park, one of the largest worldwide.

The Sesriem outpost lies at the south-east edges of Naukluft National Park and very close to Sossusvlei salt marsh, the main touristic destination in Namibia. There, it is situated one of the oldest canyons on earth, the famous Sesriem Canyon. Standing still since millions years ago, the Canyon is shaped from the ancient flow of Tsauchab River. The continuous continental movement has changed radically river’s vigor and direction. Nowadays, the gorge is quite dry. The once river route becomes an excellent trail for hikers and trekkers.

The layering rock formations which form the canyon’s walls are a spectacular sight and protect from the extremely hot sunrays. The best period to visit the area is from May to October -winter season- where is not so warm and it is dry. The canyon’s route is a 20 km/12.42 mi leg of the 100 km/62.12 mi length of Namib Desert race which is held annually on December.

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