Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Walvis Bay, Erongo District, Namibia

Kite Type:
Open Ocean
Winds Force:
16 - 25 Knots/30-46.3 kph (medium)
Best Period:
August to November
The Walvis Bay is located in the western Namibia, in Erogo District. It is the only natural harbor of the country facing the South Atlantic Ocean. The town is located in the Namib Desert. In the south of the town, the Tropic of Capricorn influences strongly the climate and the landscape of the region.

Walvis Bay includes several kilometers of coastline in the South Ocean Atlantic. The spot combines excellent water with wind conditions. The south-western wind blows from the immense Namib Desert till the coast where it meets the oceanic flows and becomes more vigorous.

The area does not present particular difficulties. However, never be reckless with the open ocean. The ocean floor near to the coast is sandy with some rocks and the water is roily. Alongside the beach, two lagoons with warmer waters are formed which are suitable for beginners. For more skilled riders, the ”Speed Strip” spot grants for the excitement and the adrenaline moments of kite surfing to the open big blue!