Rock Climbing in Great Trango Tower, Karakoram Park, Pakistan

20469 ft/6239 m
The Trango Towers is a group of tall, large and dramatic granite spikes, situated in the north side of the Baltoro Galcier, in Baltistan, northern Pakistan. The rocks are a part of the Baltoro Muztagh which is a sub range of the Karakoram. The group offers some of the largest cliffs and some of the most challenging rock climbing opportunities in the world.

The Great Trango Tower is one of the most spectacular granite towers of the world. Along with its brother Nameless Tower, Great Trango Tower lies among the largest vertical faces in the world.

The tower was first climbed in 1977, leaving no possibilities for free climbing. The Great Trango Tower has three routes all straight up the east-northeast face and on the northwest and west sides of the peak, there are a couple of routes. It’s been said by climbers that the quality of the granite is very good on both of the main peaks.

The area is fascinating and mesmerizing with the huge amazing granite tower that reaches a height of thousands of feet. At the towers, the routes usually are a mixture of snow and ice, providing a moderate grade with some lower angle rock sections.

These routes are suggested to be practiced with an experienced guide  or instructor, provided by one of the local schools. Lots of untouched spots and dangerous rock climbing paths characterize this massive rock that is ready to offer its slopes for your skills only.