Quad Biking in Walvis Bay, Erongo District, Namibia

Arid, extremely dry
Walvis Bay lies in the western Namibia, in Erogo District. The town faces the South Atlantic Ocean and is the only natural harbor in the entire country's coastline. The city is located in the Namib Desert and the endless sand dunes till the end of skyline make Walvis Bay an incredible place to be.

Walvis Bay is situated in one of the oldest deserts on the earth with many spectacular formations, dunes and cavities, shaped by the time and the geological transformations. The Namib Desert hosts some of the largest and highest sand dunes. Over the last years, fans of motor sports and especially quad biking have found a perfect natural arena.

The quad trails are endless and the dunes in all sizes create ideal natural barriers. In the south edges of the town,  the Tropic of Capricorn crosses the spot. There, soil becomes more compact with the characteristic cracked clay surface. Quad biking is just the perfect way to discover the beauties which Namib Desert has to offer!

Don’t forget your sun cream and your hat!!!