Canyoning in Rakopotamos Canyon, Mt. Kissavos, Macedonia Region Greece

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Mount Kissavos or Ossa, is situated on the east side of Thessaly region, facing the amazing Tempi Vale and Mount Olympus to the north, whereas to the west the beautiful plain of Larissa. The location offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and adrenaline sports, such as hiking, canyoning and mountain biking.

Canyoning in Mount Kissavos is a thrilling and very popular activity, as there are many different spots to satisfy all skill and experience levels of visitors. Rakopotamos Canyon is situated in Mavrovouni forest and as it is quiet long, it is divided into two sections, Rako I and Rako II.

You can enjoy magnificent off path walking between each abseil of the sections, with lush vegetation, unique limestone formations and beautiful crystal lakes and waterfalls. There are four abseils in the first section and six in the second one, which is also the longest, starting from 5 m/16.4 ft to 40 m/131.2 ft. The duration of this amazing outdoor activity is approximately 4-6:30 hrs depending on the chosen route.

In addition, the ideal period to visit the spot is from March till October. Furthermore, you should bring hiking shoes, swimsuit and a towel. Last but not least, if you find yourself here, do not miss the opportunity to visit some of the many picturesque villages and buy natural herbs, such as oregano and thyme.