Skiing in Vigla, Pisoderi, Macedonia Region Greece

1939m / 6360ft
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
Some people go ''back to black'' and their thoughts are like dark shadows. Some others go ''back to white'' and their shadows make the snow look black. It's not a pun, it's you when you are sliding down a snow covered hill. If you are addicted to ski, don't think about it, run to Vigla ski center, on Verno mountain.

The spot is located at 5 km/3 mi from Pisoderi, a beautiful village in Greece. It’s one of the biggest and best ski resort in Greece. The panoramic view of Lake Prespa, the pure snow and the screams of happiness and excitement make this place magic. The cold air, the passion you feel when the snowflakes touch your skin and you with the smile of adrenaline complete the scene.

The summit of Vigla ski center is at 1939 m / 6360 ft above sea level. It has 10 piste with Olympic standards and satisfied all kind of skier. It has 3 slide lifts, which two of them are baby lifts and 2 aerial lifts of two sheater (1400 m/4593 ft, 2000 m/6561 ft). The ski center is on the national road Florina-Kastoria and the access is easy.

You can have a break in the TOTTIS chalet, one of the most beautiful chalet in the Greek mountains. It has 3 bars and one restaurant. If you need to improve your skills in ski, there are ski schools in the center with experts at your disposal.

For those who live for the dark, night skiing will awake their wild instincts. If you want to escape for a while from Vigla, you can take a ride to Kastoria or Florina. You will enjoy the hospitality of the people, the tasteful restaurants and the good wine.

Kastoria is about at 44 km / 27 mi from Pisoderi and Florina is at 18 km / 11 mi far from the ski center. If you need a warm bath, there are nice accommodations near the place.