Snowmobile in Falakro, Drama, Macedonia Region Greece

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It's winter!! An endless white silence cover the forests, the trees and the mountains. The birds are hidden in a lea of wild flowers. The wind cloak the twitter of the birds. The snowflakes are playing with the trees, the oaks and the acid. Suddenly, a big noise freezes everything that is moving.

A cloud of snow is coming and a big smile gives a shine around. It’s not a dream, but yourself while snowmobiling in Falakro. Everyone who is addicted to this sport, should visit this place. It’s located in the northern Greece, in the regional unit of Drama. It’s one of the most impressive mountains in Greece. The wild beauty and the unique treasures of this place offer a paradise to any human being.

For those who are addicted to extreme situations, the ski center of Falakro can give them the right dose of adrenaline, or maybe a little more. With an altitude of 1750 m/5741 ft, it offers 17 slopes (2 for beginners, 4 green, 4 black, 1 blue, 6 red). There are 2 chairlift (4 per, 2 per) and 7 t-bar lift/platter/button lift (5 t-bar, 2 j-bar).

Explore the mystery paths with your snow-machine and feel free. Make some noise and let your machine liberate your wild instincts. It’s time for a warm cup of coffee, in one of the three beautiful chalets of the ski center. There is a snowmobile school in the center with experts in case you need. You can also rent all the equipment from the snowmobile shop. You can explore the beautiful places near the ski center and find tasteful restaurants and lovely accommodations. Don’t be silent, make some noise and keep rocking!