Backpacking / Trekking in Metsovo, Ioannina, Epirus Region Greece

Best Period:
May to October
1160m/3806ft asl - 2300m/7545ft asl
Metsovo, one of Greece's best known resorts, boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the Balkan Peninsula, offering a backdrop of forested hills, rivers and springs surrounded by a national park and protected areas.

Metsovo is one of the few regions in Greece which combines successfully a great and old history with an astonishing natural landscape, without losing anything from its tradition and character. Adjusted to the current lifestyle by developing exemplary models of eco-friendly concepts, Metsovo is top destination for open space activities year round.

The entire zone is marked with many medium level difficulty paths. Either you are headed to the artificial lake of Aoos with its 8.5 km²/3.28 mi²  or to the hilltop of Flega in 2200 m/7217 ft above sea level, the breathtaking panorama and the noticeable flora and fauna will impress you!

The entire region offers many marked trails and routes with medium / high difficulty, satisfying trekkers and fans of open space activities.

From the mountain’s top, you can descend almost into all directions. With an altitude of 1160 m/3806 ft asl – 2300 m/7545 ft asl, just put on your trekking boots and your backpack and let your senses be seduced by the scenery while you cross tracks and paths of these exquisite mountainous area.