Canyoning in Gorges de la Dourbie, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees France

Canyon access / back:
30 min walk
4-5 hrs in the canyon
Canyon difficulty:
Level 4/5
Jumps, abseils, swimming, sliding
Toulouse is located in southwestern France in Haute – Garonne department, right on the banks of the River Garonne. It is the fourth largest metropolitan area after Paris, Marseille and Lyon. Toulouse is known as the center of the European aerospace industry. Headquarters of Aerospace Valley, Airbus, SPOT satellite system, Galileo positioning system and ATR make Toulouse a global cluster. Among these, Toulouse has a big sporting activity to demonstrate in the entire metropolitan area.

Toulouse and the wider Midi-Pyrénées metropolitan area is full of green scenery with many glorious gorges. One great gorge where you can practice one of the most amazing mountain sports is Gorge de la Dourbie. Canyoning is only an option in this breathtaking landscape.

Your adventure will start with a 4 m /13 ft long water-slide where an awesome slip is waiting for you. Then you will make your first dive in one of the many basins that make up the canyon. The adventure continues closer to the waterfalls from 2 – 12 m /6.6 – 39.4 ft high.

These falls that their flow varies, depending on the season, can be very impressive. It is next to or under one of them where your first booster session begins as you manage your descent rope of 6 – 7 m /20 – 22 ft. You will end up by deescalating the Dourbie gorge.

After a progression of about 2 and a half hour in the canyon, you will enjoy a nice picnic in a quiet corner. Make sure that you will refuel your energy batteries and don’t let yourself be taken aback! Until the end of your run, you will chain jumps, abseiling, sliding and swimming in huge bowls.

Jumps range from 2 – 14 m /6.6 – 45 ft, creating feelings that are simply unique. Then you will exceed in your own limits and have a blast! After a final leap of 3 m /9 ft in a bowl, you will reach a narrow path with more or less water which marks the end of your epic adventure. You should bear in mind that the particular route has a difficulty level and is aiming at athletic or canyoning practicing people.