Paintball in Retziki Paintland Field, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region Greece

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Paintball piste:
Best season:
September to June
Situated in northern Greece and bordered by the Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki or else " the Nymph of the North" as the Greeks call it, is the second largest city in the country and a major economic, commercial and touristic center. Renowned for its long history that spans some 2300 years, as well as the never ending cultural festivals and vibrant night life, the city is widely voted by travelers as one of the best party cities worldwide and a top touristic destination.

As the city is bounded by green mountain ranges, such as Mount Hortiatis in the southeast and not much further away, Mount Holomondas in Halkidiki Region and Mount Olympus in the southwest, it works as a gateway for the adventure traveler toward amazing summer and winter destinations and activities.

Located only a few miles away from the city center, Retziki Paintland is the biggest and most high adrenaline, outdoor paintball field in Greece. Spread in an area of 35000 m²/3767 ft² with a wild terrain and 8  insane piste, this place is a wonderland for the paintball fans and is home to several national paintball events.

Some of the paintball scenarios played on the different courses include the Counter Strike piste, where the teams are trying to eliminate each other before the bomb goes off in an area of 9500 m²/1022 ft², the Barracks piste, where your team is trying to invade the opposite team’s base, the Bagdad piste that has many obstacles and is perfect for hyper ball, the Western piste, where all the major tournaments take place with many great obstacles and a “prison” installation that you will have to avoid, the Capture the Flag piste, the Jungle piste and so much more.

The school, operating on the spot, provides players with all the necessary gear for a safe game. Referees and paintball instructors make sure that you have all the rush and fun you can get. Teams can play for three and a half hours and choose their battle fields, as well as try their own scenarios, if they like.

The best season to visit Retziki Paintland is from September to June. Keep in mind that the climate in Thessaloniki is Mediterranean with hot and humid summers and an average temperature of 32°C/90°F and dry and cold winters with an average temperature of 10.9°C/51.6°F and frequent rainfalls, so it is best to check the weather and book your game accordingly.

Gather your friends and make sure to wear old clothes and good shoes and prepare to get down and dirty in an amazing paintball field. Reservations are best to be arranged in advance a few days before. The field is open from 9:30 am to 17:00 pm seven days a week.