Canyoning in Chamje Khola Canyon, Marsyangdi Valley, Nepal

V6. A7. VI
1500m / 4921ft
1200m / 3937ft
4500m / 14763ft
2150m / 7053ft - 1150m / 3772ft
The Marsyangdi Valley, in north-west part of Nepal, is very famous for its natural beauties, breathtaking panorama and, among the extreme sport fun's community, for its hot destination for adrenaline junkies! Canyoning here is not just abseil, slide, jump or swim but make all these in one of the deepest gorges in the earth!

The Chamje Khola canyon, situated just in the border-line between the great Annapurna II with its elevation of 8091 m/26545 ft height and the Manaslu Peak at 8156 m/26759 ft (ranked worldwide 10th and 8th respectively), rightfully belongs among the most spectacular and challenging gorges in the world.

Canyoning in Marshyangdi valley is very demanding even before reaching the starting point of the canyon.  After three days trek, Chamje Khola lies just in your feet ready to be explored and to offer you a truly unique life experience.

Marshyangdi river flows for 150 km/93.2 mi long, starting from Annapurna glacier at 3600 m/11811 ft, before joining with Trishuli river. The water temperature here drops to 7°C/44.6°F and the powerful mass of water of the waterfalls requires very good physical conditions and a skillful handling. Till 2005, it was just the lower part of the Canyon which was accessible. It was only in 2011 when the first attempts to explore the upper part of the Canyon have taken place.

The Chamje Khola has only one get away track and you can move only forwards! Till the very end of this emotional and exciting journey, Chamje Khola doesn’t put an end to your challenge! A 140 m/459.3 ft high waterfall is the last step before leaving behind you this gorgeous and pristine Canyon!!