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Extreme Endurance at the Olympus Marathon

Total elevation gain:
2800 m / 9186 ft
Route length:
44 km / 27.3 mi
Held annually in the mythical mountain of Gods in Mount Olympus, Greece, Olympus marathon is a unique trail running event that attracts world wide attention due to the amazing and challenging route the runners follow through the paths of history.

Organized for the 12th year, Olympus Marathon is an international running event that follows the footsteps of the Ancient Greeks where they ascended the mountain every year, in order to honor Zeus. The track starts from the remains of the sacred city of Dion and is completed in Litochoro town, which is the most important resort of the region.

"Olympus Marathon"

Mount Olympus offers to the athletes participating in the marathon, incredible sights of the surrounding nature as apart from being a National Park, the mountain is also listed as a “World Natural Heritage Monument” by UNESCO. Runners start from almost zero altitude and reach up to 2800 m / 9186 ft just below the “Throne of Zeus”, which is one of the highest and steepest peaks of the mountain.

"Olympus Marathon"

The race covers approximately 44 km / 27.3 mi, crosses the eastern side of the mountain and has 12 check points along the way until the finish line. For a more detailed description of the route, click here.

So wait no longer and register here cause it is not often that you have the opportunity to run with the Gods of the legendary Mount Olympus. See you at the Olympus Marathon!