Canyoning in Gitgit Waterfall, Bali, Bali Indonesia

All depending on the tour
Depending on the tour
Gitgit Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall situated in Bali, Indonesia. It rests in the north of the Southeast Asian island, not far away from Lovina and the old island capital, Singaraja.

One way to fully explore the magnificent nature of Bali and simultaneously keep in shape by exercising an amazing sport is canyoning. Gitgit Waterfall is a breathtaking destination containing a mixture of canyoning levels. There is something for everyone here according to the level of experience and physical condition.

Tours are plenty and the only thing left is to decide which tour to choose, as every single one of them has something unique to offer. There is no question, you will definitely find the tour that suits you most.

Kali Kecil is a canyon trip suitable for everyone, as the level of experience is for novices. This canyon trip is perfect for those who want to spend unforgettable moments in a color rich, inaccessible location. The tour is fun and offers everything expected, such as abseiling, swimming, sliding, zip line (flying fox), gorges exploring, jumping and more.

If you want something more challenging, the Kalimudah tour is the one for you. It is funny and appropriate for discovering canyoning and the activities that follow. Situated in the north of Baliand, it is a destination practicable all year long.

Another canyon tour for everyone that offers swimming, rappels of a maximum of 15 m/49.2 ft, jumps that contain an optional jump of 8 m/26.2 ft and natural water slides, all taking place in the second part of the canyon, filled with volcanic rock, wonderful sequences of plants that cover most of the part and natural warm spring basins that are encountered at the end of the tour something that makes Kalimudah a fun, sporty and discovery descent.

The Kalimudah canyon is actually the extension of the Kerenkali canyon, which is the next best thing as a sporting canyoning destination. Also situated in the north of Bali, it is practicable all year long. At this canyoning tour you will come across two different sections.

The first section is a sequence of water slides, jumps and short rappels with glorious gorges made of volcanic rock, sulphurate water basin that come out from the underground, caves and tuff, all providing a mixture of fun, exploration and thrilling pleasure of all senses.

The second part is more sporty, including swimming, floating, enchanting rappel descents along the waterfall with the highest reaching 26 m/85.3 ft and jumps up to 10 m/33 ft, which are optional. If these are not challenging enough for you, imagine a mixture of these tours or even harder tours in the entire Kerenkali canyon!!

The Double K Discovery is a mixture of the Kalimudah canyon added to the first part of the Kerenkali canyon, providing all the amazing canyon features double!! And if you are looking for something even more challenging, then the Double K Sporty is the one for you, as it is even harder than the Double K Discovery and is the extension of Kalimudah canyon and the entire Kerenkali. It is the ultimate day trip, perfectly suitable for those who enjoy sporty and challenging descents.

Finally, the Kirana canyon, which is the extension of Kerenkali canyon, is an awesome place for autonomous canyon enthusiasts, who want the rush of adrenaline and are of course already experienced. Best time to visit this canyon is a few months after the raining season or else accessible only if you are truly expert. Hanging water pools, jumps in a wild and tropical environment, floating and amazing vertical descents with heavy water including one descent of over 50 m/164 ft are only some of the thrilling features you will meet.

Canyoning, besides perfect physical condition, requires a good adventure spirit. So if you have both, you need nothing more to choose one or even all of the canyon tours available!!! Are you ready for extreme endurance???