Quad Biking in Taylor County Boondocks Mud Park, Columbus, Georgia USA

Park's features:
ATV trails,drag racing tracks,mud pits
550 - 600 ft / 167.6 – 183 m
Tracks features:
Loose dirt, hard pack, little dust, a few steep hills, some water crossings, some small jumps, mud
Levels / Fee:
All / Entrance fee
Columbus is situated in Muscogee County, being the county seat, in Georgia, USA, with which it is consolidated. It is the second largest city surpassing Augusta and with the nearby Alabama cities of Auburn and Opelika forms the Columbus – Auburn – Opelika Combined Statistical Area. The city is located at the heart of Chattahoochee Valley and 100 mi/160 km south of Atlanta. Columbus is home to many tourism sites and museums. What is more, Columbus offers very intense off road activity.

Near Columbus you will come across a new ATV mud park, the Taylor County Boondocks Mud Park that offers countless ATV trails, some drag racing tracks and numerous mud pits. The tracks are placed in the forest at an elevation of 550 to 600 ft/167.6 – 183 m. The trees are many, so the shade is plenty for a nice ride in a hot summer day. All the trails have some unique characteristics that make them so popular among quad bikers and mud enthusiasts.

You will meet loose dirt, hard pack, little dust, a few steep hills, some water crossings, some small jumps and of course a lot of mud. There are a few hazards, but they are assumed to be marked. The level of experience of these trails is mostly for amateurs, due to the soil consistence and the hazards.

Novices and experts are also welcome to learn how to ride these awesome four wheeled machines or improve their skills. The property is private, so you will have to pay an entrance fee that depends on the day. There is no parking, riding or camping fee though. Bear in mind that safety flags are mandatory, so ATV should have a 6 ft/1.9 m safety flag, which can be purchased onsite.

The park is not always opened, so it is highly suggested to call first and check the schedule before you go. At the scene, if you are lucky enough, you might stumble upon live music, when the park is opened. Showers and restrooms are also available. Combined with camping, this can be the perfect dirt weekend with your friends.