Quad Biking in High Lifter Off-Road Park, Shreveport, Louisiana USA

Trails, tracks, 4 mud bogs
Trails / terrain size:
25 mi/40.2 km / 574 ac/2.32 km²
260 - 290 ft/79.2 - 88.3 m
Per rider
Mud, rocks, trees, dust
Shreveport is the seat of Caddo Parish and extends along the Red River, while neighboring Bossier Parish. Shreveport is separated from Bossier City by the Red River. The city is the third largest city in Louisiana and the 108th in the United States. The outskirts of Shreveport are marked by wetlands, waterways, cotton fields and pine forests.

In Spring Ridge, approximately 10 mi/16 km from Shreveport, a brand new off road park has come to disturb the peace of the 1 mi²/2.6 km² swamp-type terrain. 25 mi/40.2 km of 260 to 290 ft/79.2 to 88.3 m elevated trails and 4 mud bogs are spread in a 574 ac/2.32 km² park, perfectly suitable for quad biking.

If you want to have daily access to the park, admission discounts for the events that take place here and primitive camping, an annual membership is available. Additional future plans include RV hookups. The tracks and trails mostly consist of mud, dust, trees and rocks.

The High Lifter ATV Mud Bog is High Lifters’ signature event and the most popular of the tracks. It is 50 ft/15.2 m wide and 150 ft/45.7 m long, ready to accommodate up to 5 ATV’s simultaneously in competition. In mud riding, no two pits should be identical. The pits that will be constructed in the future will be completely different for every event.

Mudda Cross was a competition that took place in 2006 and the park has taken the racing concept to a new level. The track is built in a serpentine style, giving no advantage to any racer. Everybody has an equal chance to win, so it is up to the vehicle and the driver’s abilities. The serpentine course varies in depth from 8 in/20.3 cm to approximately 4 ft/1.2 m. It is by far the most thrilling competition in ATV racing.

Bear in mind that there is a noise limit for all vehicles and that the park has an opening schedule, so it is suggested to call first. It is recommended to spend at least the entire day on your quad bike, in order to truly enjoy the mud or just be a spectator to amazing events.