Quad Biking in Houston Valley ORV Area, Summerville, Chattooga County, Georgia USA

Two way trail system length:
22 mi / 35.4 km
Level of difficulty:
water crossings, rocky sections, deep mud puddles, loose dirt, mostly hard pack, mud, dust, rocks, steep hills, small jumps and berms
Maximum width of quad bike:
50 in / 127 cm
Opening time / Fee:
Yes / per rider
Summerville belongs in Chattooga County, of which it is the county seat, in Georgia, USA. The County is situated northwest of the country with the city of Summerville being located almost in the middle. It is a small city, but with huge off road activity.

Summerville and its surroundings are popular for the huge off road activity. Especially a park near Dalton is extremely popular among quad bikers. Houston Valley ORV Area is a park of a two way trail system consisting of 22 mi/35.4 km of pure off road trails.

The amazing terrain offers a mixture of deep mud and puddles, water crossings and demanding rocky sections. The huge area of 10.3 km²/4 mi² is in a shady forest and rests at an elevation of 900 to 1300 ft/274 to 396 m. At the site, quad bikers of all levels of difficulty are welcome, so each biker will drive on the suitable for him/her trail.

The trails are marked, heavily maintained and rated. The area’s features are the ones that make this spot so popular. It consists of steep hills, rocks, dust, mud, loose dirt and a lot of hard pack. If you are a fan of speed and jumps, you will be excited by the berms and the small jumps.

When you are at the site, check out for warning signs concerning a few hazards, but still drive with caution. The park is opened from April to late December and there is a small fee per rider. There is no parking, camping or entrance fee though.

Keep under consideration that you will need an OHV Trail permit, if you want to ride these amazing trails. Combine driving with friends, along with camping and compose the perfect weekend.