Quad Biking in Langenaltheim, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Trail length:
250 km/155.6 mi
Trail conditions:
Steep, muddy
Munich is the capital of Bavaria State and one of its biggest cities. It is situated in the north of the Bavarian Alps on the River Isar and it is the third largest city in Germany, just behind Berlin and Hamburg.

Langenaltheim is situated at 130 km/80 mi in the north of Munich. Quad biking, in its extreme tour form, represents a very popular activity that can be practiced on the spot. It is a dream of a quad fan that skillfully overcomes obstacles and fights through an off-road park. After a detailed theoretical and practical instruction session by experienced staff, followed by driving exercises, you can launch your quad adventure.

Note that this adventure is only for experienced drivers. The quad experience is launched at the starting point in Nandlstadt over Au and further into Hallertau Wolnzach. You cross Hallertau which is the largest hop growing region in Bavaria. After 45 minutes of quad biking, you may have a little break to rest for a while in between Ingolstadt and Karlshuld. Then you ride for another 45 minutes to the off-road park Langenaltheim.

It is suggested that you take a break and have lunch before you start your adventure. The Off-road Park is located in Langenaltheim between Treuchtlingen and Eichstaett Altmuehltal Nature Park. There, you can challenge your skills on steep ascents and descents, water crossings and mud passages. The facility also provides the rockers with special thrill. You can have it all in an over 10 acres of pure off-road driving terrain.

After 3 hours long quad fun in the park, you can go back in the direction of Hallertau, passing vast fields for growing turf and the largest asparagus growing region of Bavaria in Schrobenhausen.

In total you will drive about 8.5 hours for 250 km/155.6 mi long. All you need is a driving license of class 3 or B and weather clothing, jacket and sturdy shoes. So treat yourself with a driving experience like never before!