Roller / Inline Skating in Kettering Skate Plaza (DC Skate Plaza), Kettering, Ohio USA

Kettering is a suburb of nearby Dayton and belongs to both Greene and Montgomery Counties, Ohio, USA. Geographically it is situated in northeast Ohio.

The Kettering Skate Plaza aka DC Skate plaza, a first of its kind skate park opened in Kettering. It is a 40000 ft²/3716 m² area that at first sight mostly seems like a regular park than a skatepark and this is what makes it unique. Roller skating is a sport performed among others in this awesome skate park.

Sometimes, events are organized by local stores or others and roller skating competitions are taking place offering spectators a show that they will never forget!! The park features street courses, curbs, stairs, rails, ledges and more.

At this skate park, you won’t find the usual features, such as half pipes or vertical ramps, something that sets this park apart from other skate parks and makes it kind of a more urban style park. Surface of the terrain is concrete and most of the skate park is preserved in good condition.

Another asset of this park is that it doesn’t close, so you can enjoy roller skating all night long!!! It is an amazing skate park that anyone who stands on wheels should definitely try.