Skate Boarding in Delaware Skate Park (Mingo Skatepark), Delaware, Ohio USA

13000 ft²/1207.7 m²
The City of Delaware is the county seat of Delaware County in Ohio, USA. The city is situated near the center of Ohio and is approximately 30 mi/48 km north of Columbus and part of the Columbus - Ohio Metropolitan Area.

In Delaware lies one of the best skate parks in Ohio, the Delaware Skate Park aka Mingo Skatepark. The skate park is huge, 13000 ft²/1207.7 m² and perfect for skate boarding.

The surface is all concrete with metal copings. The park features a 8 – 9 ft/2.5 – 2.7 m big bowl, various ramps, rails, steps, half pipes, curbs, a street course and a vertical ramp. Regardless the level of experience, everyone can find something in this amazing skate park. There are intermediate and expert courses, as well as novice courses.

The outdoor park was built by the Bluestone Group and designed by Team Pain. It opens from dawn to dusk, weather permitting of course. As in any serious skate park, there are rules and it is suggested to spend 10 minutes to read them.

Mingo Skate Park was constructed with a lot of efforts and was funded through a unique partnership of local organizations and businesses and through fund raising of the community youths, so please respect the rules of this awesome public skate park. If you find yourself in Delaware or nearby, pay a visit in this skatepark, as a skateboarder or even a spectator.