Motocross in Darhamtown Plantation Sportsman’s Resort, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia USA

Riding trails length - Area :
150 mi / 241.4 km - 11 mi² / 28.5 km²
Loose dirt, mud, dust, rocks, steep hills, small and large jumps,berms
500 to 600 ft / 1640 to 1969 m
Other tracks:
40 mi / 64.4 km single track, one way trails
Entrance, riding, camping
Athens – Clarke County is a county in Georgia, USA. It is a consolidated city that lies in the northeastern part of the state, including the previous City of Athens proper, being the county seat and Clarke County. Athens - Clarke County is the sixth largest city in Georgia and the principal city of the Athens – Clarke County at the Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Near Athens lies Union Point, a city that is heavily visited by dirt enthusiasts. One off – road park nearby is every motocross rider’s dream. Darhamtown Plantation Sportsman’s Resort is a private facility opened all year round serving all OHVs.

The resort offers over 150 mi/241.4 km of heavily maintained, marked and rated trails in a huge forest full of shade, in an 11 mi²/28.5 km² area that lies at an elevation of 500 to 600 ft/1640 to 1969 m. You will also come across 40 mi/64.4 km of pure single track and one way trails.

Additionally, 9 motocross tracks that cater all levels of difficulty, including a freestyle park and a 4x4s area come to complete this riding awesomeness. Riding trails will blow your mind, as they consist of loose dirt, mud, dust, rocks, steep hills, small and large jumps and a lot of berms.

You should pay extra attention, as the park is extremely popular and many drivers use these trails. Also sport clay shooting and firearms are allowed, as you can also hunt in the forest, so don’t get scared, if you hear a gunshot!  On the trails, you will meet a few hazards that are marked.

The area is opened from 9 am to 5 pm daily and if you want to ride, you will have to pay an entrance, riding and if you plan to camp, a camping fee. Parking is free. The area is gigantic, so it is recommended to stay at least 3 – 5 days, in order to explore it all and have a fun and adventurous stay.