Motocross in Alma MX Park, Valdosta, Georgia USA

Terrain size:
1 mi² / 2.6 km²
Urban, manmade
170 - 190 ft / 52 - 58 m
Opening schedule / fee:
Yes / per rider
Valdosta is situated in the coastal plain of Georgia, so it has a virtually flat landscape. It lies at 230 mi/370 km in the south of Atlanta and almost in the same distance from the north of Orlando, Florida. Valdosta belongs to Lowndes County and it is the county seat. The city is also known as the Azalea city, due to the plant that grows in profusion there. It goes without saying that Valdosta is known for the big sporting activity in and around the city.

Alma is a great city near Valdosta with huge motocross activity. The perfect place to practice motocross is in Alma MX Park. It is a 1 mi²/2.6 km² urban, man-made track that sits at an elevation of 170 to 190 ft/52 to 58 m.

This particular track lies in a grassy meadow, where trees are surrounding the place and the owners keep it in excellent condition. The soil of the track is in good quality, gentle and soft. Hazards are few and assumed to be marked, but still be cautious. The terrain is mostly suitable for amateurs and little novices and experts.

All the trails are public, watered and groomed. There is no engine size limitation, so come with whatever dirt bike you own! The park is opened on weekends from 8 am to 5 pm and if you want to ride, you will have to pay a fee per rider. If you are just a spectator or visitor at the camping area, entrance, parking and camping are free.

Amenities of the facility include grooming and watering, portable restrooms, plenty of parking, bleachers and viewpoints. It is essential that you call before you haul. It is recommended to spend the entire day, in order to enjoy the track as much as you can!