Skate Boarding in Valdosta Skatepark, Valdosta, Georgia USA

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Concrete, outdoors
curves, rails, benches, funbox, mini ramps, stairs, a pyramid, two bowls, benches and inclined rails
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Night skating:
Valdosta is situated in the coastal plain of Georgia, so it has a virtually flat landscape. It lies at 230 mi/370 km in the south of Atlanta and almost in the same distance from the north of Orlando, Florida. Valdosta belongs to Lowndes County and it is the county seat. The city is also known as the Azalea city, due to the plant that grows in profusion there. It goes without saying that Valdosta is known for the big sporting activity in and around the city.

Valdosta is a city that has in general big sporting activity. Skate boarders in particular, are all over the city rolling around on everything that can be rolled. The most popular spot for Skate Boarding in Valdosta is Valdosta Skatepark or else Hahira.

It is a big skatepark with many features that attract a lot of skate boarders. The concrete skatepark lies in the middle of a park and has curves, rails, benches, a funbox, mini ramps, stairs, a pyramid, two bowls, benches and inclined rails. This skatepark is open to the public and you can skate free, exercising your tricks.

Night skateboarding is another asset of the park, as there are lights to help you see the obstacles. It is a great place to have fun, train or even go as a spectator to watch others using their skateboards in style. It is suggested to spend the entire day, rolling on these amazing features in this awesome skatepark.