Skydiving in Kopaida Airport, Kastro, Central Greece Region Greece

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Exit altitude:
14000ft / 4000m
Accomodation, restrooms, snack bar, showers
Best season:
Alll year round
38°27'20"N 23°8'8"E
Kopaida Airport is located close to Kastro, a small farming village in Viotia Region, just a few miles north from Athens. Surrounded by the large fertile plains of Thiva, Cheronia and Kopais, as well as small rivers and the natural lake of Yliki, the area boasts endless grasslands as far as the eye can see.

Kopaida Airport is private and has a grass field airway 1968 ft/600 m long and 98.4 ft/30 m wide. The airport hosts the National Gliding Air race, as well as the Gliding Cup (OLC) and is home to one of the most organized skydiving centers in Greece.

The area enjoys Mediterranean climate, usually with mild and humid winters and hot summers, making skydiving possible all year round. The free fall club is equipped with a 10 seat turbine aircraft, that takes you at an altitude of 14000 ft/4000 m  in just 15 minutes. Once you reach the exit point and jump off, you will be free falling at a speed of 125 mph/200 kph for up to 60 seconds, before you deploy your parachute.

After that, you will be gently floating for 5 to 7 minutes until you safely land on the ground, while enjoying views of the incredible farmlands and the big lake, that will take your breath away. The skydiving club is very well organized and equipped with the latest skydiving gear. Qualified instructors from the Hellenic Aeronautical & Air Sports Federation and the United States Parachute Association are ready to help you live an exciting adventure, you will never forget.

The club offers tandem drops, as well as lessons for both beginners and advanced skydivers. There are also accommodation options, a shop, a snack bar with an open view to the landing area, rest rooms, packing tents and Wi-Fi. This is the ultimate and most organized skydiving experience in Greece. Just go for it!